hristhegoth. So what's this all about then?

Yes it is a work account. But not in the traditional sense.

Ok, it all started as a nickname at Uni; and then I worked for netgoth for a bit ( nightclubs, fun, etc ) and became a Public-enough figure. I had just been struck down by Borderline Personality Disorder ( sourced in PTSD ), had been mis-diagnosed as a Schizophrenic instead, and was simply trying to get on with life. So, basically, I was just an average joe with some problems.

Public blogs are nothing new, but I ended up turning this into a career. Why?

I can honestly say The Community is probably one of the most dangerous things I have EVER encountered. Their fear, ignorance, & quickness to violence ( in it's many forms ) is what makes them so bad. But how do you solve it? By educating them.

So I stayed public and started teaching people stuff about being a Goth, being Ill, what I liked, what I needed, and how I felt on various subjects. Mental Health is such a big place that it shows up literally everywhere human beings show up. So I ended up covering a VERY broad field. It's perfectly Legal to comment on the news. We're all allowed an opinion.


Here is a list of the key web-resources I use for this 'awareness & Think Tank' work: is about the need for budget food for the poor, but with the healthy requirement still there. I teach you how to cook properly. As far as I am concerned Frozen Yorkshire Puddings is swearing. is about awareness of the Pagan Religion. It's a bit like being a Sikh, but it's the Western way of doing things. It may well be of interest to Theologians or Sociologists curious as to how my 'sub-culture' works. Those who know of the Sophie Lancaster initiative will understand. is my Mental Health guide. It's about showing people what the symptoms are, as well as tips & tricks to survive a Mental Health blip. is about current affairs and what my feelings are on various major subjects. Remember, Mental Health is a huge place; so The War In Iraq ( for example ) is relevant. All those soldiers coming home injured? Think about it.

Gothic Radio Stations on the Internet?

I like Cats. And Tea.


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