Last Update: 20-06-16

Good or Evil?


Right or Wrong? Well, yeah. This one is surprisingly easy at a basic level. Obey the law and be a good-guy, or disobey the law and be a bad guy.

But if the law is wrong? Morally wrong I mean. What then? Morality guides law in many many ways, and is in Party Manifesto's for elections. People then choose. So it's fairly covered in society. But what about you as an individual? The big choices.

A hammer is not evil. Use it to build a cabinet and it's definitely not evil. Stove someone's skull in with it and it's still not evil. The person who wielded it is though. They chose to take a life. Faith, like the hammer, is just a tool.

Many acts are evil. Murder, theft, exploitation, torture, and false imprisonment are but a few. You've seriously harmed someone for no reason. For no reason... What the hell was that about? But then I aspire towards good. I simply do not understand these acts, and how someone can think they're ok. They clearly aren't.


White and Black.


Well, yeah. If you've read Lord of The Rings you'll know how this works already. The Grey stay Neutral, the White are White Witches, and the Black are, well, pretty nasty at times. It's a question of morality. A decent Gamekeeper may be a White Witch. Focussed on the land, doing a good job, and law-abiding. I aspire to be with my little bits and bobs as well. But there will be those who are only up for no good. And I don't mean in a jokey way, I mean for real.

This may well be something as simple as a corruption ring, but if people get hurt then... Black stuff. Nasty stuff. And at that point should you stay Grey? Or should you bounce to The White to push back?

Life choices, and I can't make them for you.




There are actually 2 Churches of Satan. I don't like using this language, but others will. Many feel that there is no god ( in the Christian sense ), and that we have to do it ourselves. Fair enough, as you do; so...

What do you stand for? What do you believe in?

Church of Satan 1 is the biblical one. Including harming animals etc. It's a bit rough, and not really Pagan. They do god & the devil, not Cernunnus, after all.  They often ally to The Black.  It's a very angry place.

Church of Satan 2 does qualify as Pagan. Just.  It squeaks in.  This is a belief that there is nothing out there to rescue you, as god has forsaken you.  Because of that there is only what is around you to work with.  People, land, etc.  Some feel that Satan ( the fallen angel ) is still here rescuing mankind, even though god has moved on.  And from that grows genuine community & teamwork, as well as a waste-not want-not attitude.  Their connection with the Land & Seasons is often strong, so even with the 'language issue' ( they still use the terms God & The Devil after all ) they do walk the walk.

Neither are true Paganism, as we don't do God & the Devil; but...  Church 2 does get pretty close in places.  In fairness.  They can be really nice people as well.


A note on Chaos stuff.


It's not intrinsically evil as much as unpredictable. Trouble is it's like a rumour. Juicy or not if it is false and gets out of control you're stuffed. And you could really hurt people. Like the Ouija Board, and how there is a link to some 'hauntings' with these. If you really do open a door to somewhere how do you know you've closed it properly?

Gossip is the big one to watch here. As even if it's called a spell if it's a falsehood you're screwed. And so are the people you hurt. Cause and effect. A little 'unpredictable' can be useful. But what if it gets out of hand? What then?