Last Update: 03-06-10

The Universal Concept of Karma.


Much as this is an Indian Term you'll find it holds true in any faith. You will be judged. Even if it is just by those around you.

It's not what you believe, it's what you do. Your actions. Those around you will influence your life in many ways, so you do need to think about this. Karma baby. Divine Judgement, or just society judging? Call it what you want it is everywhere. The more intolerant you are, as we found, the more enemies you'll have. And if you get too many you will be squished.

The divine bit is obvious. In most religions there are places referred to as 'heaven' and 'hell'. Hades, The Happy Hunting Grounds, Paradise, it's there in all faiths. The concept of a heaven and hell. And you are judged by your gods based on your actions. Do well and you're in the happy place. Do badly and your bottom is usually being roasted...

The fires of hell are based on volcanoes. That one does come up a lot in punishment. A harsh place of savagery and suffering, like that volcanic island over there *points*. Tribal man based his life on what was around him. And you'll be surprised how much of the Great Cataclysms in The Bible ( as a history book ) can be explained by Vulcanicity in The Med between the years 10000 BC and around 100 BC. Part of this is Pagan history, as we moved on from Persia and up into Europe through this period. Us Celts are well travelled and have seen a lot.

That's the point in this one. It may be the faith traditional to Northern France, other parts of Europe, and Great Britain sure... But that does not mean it is 'white only'. Some will say this is the case though. Paganism is traditionally white sure, but it is most definitely not 'white only'. They're extremists. Like other Faiths we are sadly not immune to these characters showing up on occasion.

The English and UK Flag have been hijacked at times by this crowd, and yes they will go for English/ British Faiths as well. They are still into the old ways ( the Inter-Tribal rivalries ), and simply have not learned that racism is illegal. As well as morally wrong. It's also, obviously, bloody stupid. Where it locks out trade and that. But they generally won't stop. They're relentless, uncaring, almost fanatical at times, and generally destructive. And sadly some will be ill ( delusional ), but that's not for me to decide.

The BNP are the main bad-guys here. They hijacked the flag and bolted racism to it, and also hijacked Paganism in some places and declared it 'white only'. There are 3 colours in the flag, and many modern Pagans are Human Rights Activists. Including Anti-racism work. Yet they're still trying to take us over and bolt racism onto it.

So why ruin the good stuff? Why ruin this, so far peaceful, Pagan resurgence? Well, it's about power for this minority. They think they can own everything white, and speak for all white people. When they clearly don't. It must be an illness in my eyes, as it's shockingly deluded and cruel. They seem to be assuming faaaar too much really. I've never signed anything over to them *shrugs*, and their movement is not really legal to be honest. The local Council owns the land really, and even Private ownership is 'takeable' by the govt in a time of emergency really.

I think they're best described as seperatists. But they can't do it really unless they really do up and leave. They're not allowed to stay and throw out others, and that's by law as well as morally. Sadly in the past, and even these days, they have tried using force. And lo and behold those around them judged them. And really did not like them in many a case.

All the more reason to push back against them and not stoop to their level I'd say. But that's for others to decide. I won't join them, as they destroyed us last time. I'd rather be solitary then get dragged into a gang and many a pointless fight. And I'll be judged on my actions by whoever does the box ticking at ze end...

Or whatever... I haven't got that far yet really. It's obvious I'll be judged by those around me though, that much is true. *shrugs* Good enough for me really.