Last Update: 4-1-15

Qaballah. Yes, there is a Pagan Version.


Kaballah ( the Jewish Form ) relies on you living on after death. The Eternal Soul concept. And much as some people feel we just end up as worm-food at the end personally I have no idea what happens next. The good thing is that if you work on the premis 'you will be judged, even if it is just by those around you' your actions will speak for themselves. So if it turns out your soul is eternal then...

Karma still works, as you've still acted in a decent way in theory. I do not believe in any type of god whatsoever, but at the same time I'm pretty sure something is going on. I have no idea what it is though, so would rather not speculate too much. But I do feel Karma does happen, as does base animal urges that need to be mastered.

This is where Kaballah comes in. It's Jewish Spirituality in it's original form, but does also have a Christian version ( Caballah ) and a Pagan version ( Qaballah ). Really it's down to language as to what the difference is, as the basic principles are the same really. There are 2 parts. Adam Cadman, which is about learning how you work as a human. And then after that pathwork, which is about developing yourself spiritually.

You need to understand your base animal urges ( like the urge to have babies, or how anger can show up in certain situations ) to master them, and you also need willpower to master them. And willpower is tied to self-confidence and happiness in oneself. Which is pathwork.

Qabballah ( all 3 forms ) has these 2 points/ themes. Mastery of oneself, and keeping oneself spiritually happy and fulfilled. The Adam Cadman bit I have described in the 3 Philosophical Chakra's, as I feel that language describes it well ( urges, too much and too little of each, that kinda thing ). But now we need to look at Pathwork. Pathwork being the next stage and really quite a big deal.

So what is Pathwork? Ok, Quaballah has 7 sphere's of knowledge ( areas of knowledge you learn ) in mortal life, and then 3 more after your death. So in that respect it assumes your soul lives on. Hence why even non-believers can still do this, as Karma and poop often happen. For the basic Spheres they're all linked. But to move up the tree ( improve your score ) you need to start at the bottom and work your way up. This takes years by the way, as Qaballah is a life-long process. Mortal Death is taken into account after all ( number 7, ascension to 'heaven' ). And that's my point really, this really is deep stuff.

There are 2 types of problem solvers in life. The shallow and superficial, or the deep and thoughtful. Sometimes shallow and superficial is enough ( you fixed it with a nail ), but sometimes you do have to go a bit deeper to find where the problem is. And once you've found the problem you need to know how to fix it as well. Which means examination and thought. What if the problem is depression? Can counselling find the source? What about meditation and self-reflection? And what about actions? To prove others wrong and get them off your back for example. That'll help shift a cloud eh? Well, it can help in reality. And this leads into the first 3 spheres.

They're called Sephiroths, and some people may recognise that name. It is to do with study though. And if things change you may well find you have to go back and re-learn a past stage to allow for this new circumstance. Qaballah is like that. Much as you can master a sphere that mastery may only be temporary. If something changes in your life then you may need to adjust things. So your 'score' can go up as well as down. You have to stay observant to what is around you and how you feel. You can't just switch it off, or you'll start to slide back to square 1. It isn't just about meditation as well. You do need to go out and do things as well. Not just sit at home reading and thinking. To get to 4, you need all of 1, 2, and 3 running well.

The first 3 spheres are charity, knowledge, and wisdom. I believe charity is first, as this is when you start to think of others. A very basic lesson, and a very important one. As you empathise with your fellow man and show kindness. The basics of getting on with others in society. However, to help them you need knowledge. Sphere 2. If you have no skills how can you do anything to look after yourself, let alone help others as well? And with time Sphere 3 will happen. Wisdom. And that's it for those 3. See how they are linked though? If your wisdom is not enough you may need more knowledge, or even to bring in a bit more generosity. Life is wierd like that. Sometimes you have to stop, think, and then go back to college.

Sphere 4 is when you then head into teaching others what you know, due to your success. 4 is success, and 5 is being a teacher that can actually teach well whilst having this spiritual 'glow' of beauty going on. Which is faaaar from easy. You have to be good enough to do this in the first place, so it is after Wisdom. And definitely after Knowledge, as you need to be smart to teach. And you need that generous streak in the first place to put in the effort and give away your knowledge. I think I'm at Sphere 4, which as it goes is not bad at all. But then I am always learning something new for example, and do do a lot of charity work. And I am older now, so have wisdom growing on top of my studies. This essay and website is part of teaching others really, as well as charity.

So, what can you expect? Well, if you live by the basic 3 the rest should fall into place. I know I haven't mentioned 5 and 6 much, but to be honest I want to show that getting to 4 is a very good achievement, yet still requires a lot of work to do. And patience. 5 and 6 may not happen until old age, and Sphere 7 is actual death. When your soul is supposedly released and can move closer to the divine. Or you're rewarded for your good deeds and not punished by Karma for example. Spheres 8, 9, and 10 could be Spheres 1, 2, and 3 of your next life if you are into re-encarnation for example. And, as such, believe the type of animal you will be in your next life is based on your actions in this life. See what I mean about it all being linked? With Christianity you will go to Heaven and not Hell if the Angel Abaddon approves you by your deeds, and then allows you to advance to Sphere 8.

It's a journey in life, but those first 3 spheres really are the basics. And you can come back to Sphere 2 from Sphere 4 if you are missing something you need. In fact it is wise to come back to Sphere 2 if needed, and that will also satisfy Sphere 3. So you'll be back up to 4 in no time. You can only go up one when you have mastered the previous to how your life is really, but you can always slide back down.

Which is why you cannot ignore what is around you. Sometimes the Superficial is enough, but sometimes you need more. Sometimes you need education. And making that call requires wisdom. It's also well recognised that charitable acts help with self-esteem and self-confidence, as they do. You do feel better about yourself for helping others. And that is the clincher really. You need to look after yourself sure, but to gel into society in a decent way you need to consider others as well. And gelling into society well will bring you happiness and fulfillment.

5 and 6 are beauty and triumph in that order. Beauty is when you genuinely come across as 'a beautiful person' ( not superficial, by action and deed. Knowledgable, wise, caring, teaching well, that kinda thing. ), and 6 is success due to adaptation ( back down to 2 and 1 when required, as it is the wise thing to do ). It's all linked. 5 and 6 are Spiritual Masteries, where-as 4 is that first inkling of success. Spiritual happiness at all times. So 4 is a real mastry in itself. 5 is almost 'Golden Child' from the film, and 6 is a character like what Jesus is to The Christians. Genuinely practicing the divine on earth, as he is supposed to have done.

So 5 and 6 is some very big stuff, and many are lucky to make the breakthoughs to get to 4 in their lives. To then take it to 5 and be able to successfully teach others whilst maintaining your own is tough stuff. And Jesus was a rare character indeed. Even if you believe he was simply a Jewish Freedom Fighter with a lot of talent he did indeed get it very right in what he was able to create. He stopped The Roman Empire harming his people in the end. 1 man vs an Empire, and he did it. What does that tell you about his insights? He must have been pretty smart. Lots of 1, 2, and 3 going on? Indeed...

Ghandi. Buddha. Mohammed. They all had a certain thang that allowed them to move Mountains. What was that?

I'm not gonna touch on 8, 9, and 10, as to be honest that is the realms of the divine and when you have no physical body anymore. It's too much of a leap for me. I'm not even going to pretend to understand it. But I feel comfy I have made 4. And much as I have slid back down to 3 and 2 on occasion ( due to those slings and arrows of outrageous fortune ) I do feel I can get back up as well. Through rest and study, and getting back to my Charity work when I am healed enough. Which is not bad at all.

So how did I do it? How do I do it? The 3 Chakra's, patience, and learning. And charity obviously. It's a nice place to be I must admit. But you have to be good at it and stay sharp to pass on the story of your success. And I must have been good to have survived what I had to face over the past 10-odd years. It was nasty stuff, and did nearly kill me. And I'm still here, which is why I feel I can be sure I've got 'somewhere'. And passing on hints and tips to others is 4, and approaching 5 really. 5 being consistent successful teaching, and more than just 1 success with 1 pupil.


So much as I feel I've got to 4 I don't think I'm fully into 5 yet. This thing is designed to run over the course of a lifetime afterall, and it's not easy to have a Spirit so strong yet soft you can take any whack and still radiate a decent glow. Life can lob a curve-ball in many a way. So nipping back down to do a bit more reading or checking of stuff is often a good idea. This is about survival and happiness afterall, not about who has the highest score.

And if you're Spiritually happy you won't self-harm, or take your own life. Survival.

So lets put some names to faces.  This is the Jewish version ( VERY old ).

Becuase of it's age it's upside down ( in simple terms ).  This is the Caveman Version.  At the top is Keter, which is your true Primal Self ( anger, violence, hunger ).  It is also called The King, but you are no king if you are just one Primal Sephiroth these days ( that only worked in the times of Neanderthal Man when the most violent ruled ).

To climb the Tree Of Life you need to think of the image as being upside down.  Shekhinah is god's realm, and really that should be at the top ( unless you're into Satanism; which isn't relevant here, as it's part of Christianity ).

Binah and Hokhmah are Knowledge and Wisdom.  You need those to turn a Caveman into a decent-enough modern person.  Or they will remain Primal.

Those Basic 3 should be covered first.  It's a good idea to understand your Primal Urges so you can stop them from coming out should the need arise; but you can't stop them without knowledge and wisdom.  That should be obvious.

Once you feel you have those first 3 down you then move onto the next 3.  Justice & Mercy.  Your sense of right and wrong, and how you act to show that. Inlcuding your actions to help or hinder others ( and leading by example with the teaching bit ).

 If you get it right you then head into Sephiroth 6 ( Beauty ).  You glow as a good, well-controlled, kind, caring, moderate, and yet strong when needed, person.  Strong when needed?  You must always be able to defend yourself.  Life can get rough.  Qaballah will help you push through the hard times Mentally, but you will still need Physical skills at time as well ( as well as knowing when to use them and when to walk away ).  Knowledge and Wisdom; always with the Knowledge and Wisdom.

Really you have to learn each Sephiroth, and what it means to you, to get the effects needed.  It is true that they all bounce off of each other ( interaction ), but that will just look like a jumbled mess unless you know what each Sephiroth means.  You WILL misread the interactions if you don't have a good working knowledge of each Sephiroth.  So learn the Sephiroths first.

Ok, that's the first 6.  That's how far an Atheist can go before we head into death ( when true faith in an after-life kicks in ).

Death is Sephiroth 7 ( Hod. Glory; or Damnation if you have not done a good job of sprucing yourself up over the years ( Heaven & Hell stuff ) ).  How do you face it?  Dignified?  Or out with a bang?  Everyone dies, so how do you want to go?  Yes, this one on it's own is huge.  Facing the fear of death, and how to go out the way you want to.  It's also relevant to how you live, as Karma can be a real bitch.  It runs alongside Nezah and the concept of the Eternal Afterlife ( which some people obviously don't do ).  You need to have done well with the first 6 Sephiroths to earn the right to a decent after-life according to most religions.  Even the American Indians have the Happy Hunting-grounds.

And Karma is ALWAYS there in the mortal realm too.  Even Atheists will have to deal with Karma.  There's no escape from that one.

Yesod is true godly-realm stuff ( in the after-life ).  Angelic?  Something like that anyway.  And 10 is the presence of god itself ( whichever god you work with, or not ).

So it's actually like this:

Start at the bottom, get the first 3 under your belt ( learning about what triggers you, and how to control your urges ), and then you move into your sense of right and wrong.  As you climb the Tree Of  Life towards Beauty ( Tiferet ) ( the Atheist top-limit ); and ultimately god if that is your thing ( Sephiroths 7-10 ).

You cannot get from Primal Man ( Keter ) to beauty ( Tiferet ) directly.  Take the hint.

Hod, Nazah, and Yesod, are after-life stuff; and I won't go into that on this one.  We're talking about life in the earthly realm in this essay ( Atheist territory ); suriving the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, gaining strength and knowledge along the way, and how to not be a plank in the process.