Last Update: 03-06-10

The Schools of Witchery.


Obviously there is no Hogwarts out there, and many will be breathing a sigh of relief with that one due to 'bloomin' kids'... But, yeah. How does it work? What styles are there? Each Witch has his or her own style, but there are 3 basic styles that can get anyone started really. And this isn't my work either. It's Sir Terry Pratchett, and his 3 Wyrd Sisters.

I have wandered a lot and met a lot of people over the years. I am in a solitary phase at the minute, but I saw enough. And seeing as the world is a huge place I can only safely comment on what I've seen really. Of types, and mams, and... But I have seen a lot. And so did Sir Terry Pratchett it would appear.

'When shall we three meet again?' 'Well, I can make next tuesday...' And someone had brought too much potato salad.

I'm not kidding. Some pagan get-togethers are this human. A very observant man. His 3 characters are Magratte Garlick, Gytha ( Nanny ) Ogg, and Esme ( Granny ) Weatherwax. And as such I shall call the schools, or styles, the following:

The Oggists.


These aren't real schools. It's just a handy way to describe it. All 3 are White Witches really, and surprisingly reliable stereotypes.



Magrat Garlick is skinny and flimsy and cute and fwuffy and... a bit of a drip really. She is typical of a hippy-chick in that it's all peace and love, animals are lovely, and let's not cause any trouble. The natural way is there sure, but at the same time she's about as aggressive as a stick of celery. And there is a little lack of self-confidence maybe? Or is that just her way?

Shyness is a good way of describing it. But she does learn how to push back in the books. And unlike the others she is a youngster, so has many years to learn more. She is passive aggressive really. No assertive bit yet, she just jumps to 'sod-off!!!!' if you wind her up enough. She's all cutesy normally, but when she goes you know about it. Don't underestimate a Garlick-type. She's trying to be nice as she likes life peaceful, but she can shove back. Or he for that matter. In the books it was 3 lasses as The 3 Wyrd Sisters.

Garlick-types can be little powder-kegs for how they seem fine, and then suddenly just go boom! Hence why most people need a gentle streak they can draw on. For those who are not as 'tough' as some IYSWIM. The more gentle types in life. And the young, who still haven't found their way yet. And as such haven't got their confidence up properly.



Granny Weatherwax is very bossy. It's for your own good you know *nods*. And much as she's usually right it does take a little getting used to. In reality a Weatherwaxian is usually highly skilled. There's no passive in her. It's either assertive or, simply, aggressive when required. Almost like an old boiler, or a bloomin' battleship, for how 'solid' she is. A major trooper.

I will say this for this style. You need to be bloody good at stuff or you will be shot down. What you'll find is people will seek you out to try to shoot you down. Due to you being so confident and that. Boss people around, and some will push back. So they can make themselves out to be better than you. Giant-slaying, legend-slaying, or getting rid of the perceived bully in their midst they will try and take you on. And if you're naff at stuff it'll be easy enough to really undermine you.

Hence why you have to be good. VERY good. More often than not you'll be on trial in some way. But then you're the ruling class really. You have to earn that rank, and it has to be by skill. Or you'll just get laughed at. You have to push back, and on occasion bang a few heads together, to get to the top.

Only the best get to boss around really. Skill, and also Life Experience. You can't boss if no-one respects you. You'll just be ignored. There's no force in this game really, so you have to do it by, well, skill. Verbal fisticuffs, and vying for the top.

Remind you of Politics at all?


The Oggists.

I'm an Oggist, it works for me. I better explain. An Oggist is up for a giggle and likes their food, humour, and rumpy. Especially making rude jokes, including with food. As you may have spotted by now sex is a big deal in Paganism. And much as it may not be required all the time there's certainly a place for it.

It's the survival of the species, and it's supposed to be fun. As long as you stay careful and don't do anything too silly. Nanny Ogg will boss a kid if they're too young and being daft. Or taking risks with sex when they're too young as well. She has got a serious side. But she is very much the jolly one. Life is supposed to have it's fun side as well. Avec a glass of sherry and an amusing root vegetable *nods*.

I'd say an Oggist is Passive Assertive. Mostly light-hearted and up for a giggle, so generally not pushy, they can push back when required. There's little aggression there though. She's not the firey one, that's Granny Weatherwax that is *nods*. Here, eat yer greens, and then go to bed so that I can have a nice sherry in peace... ;)

And if those two get up to that in the haystack again I'm gonna tell their mam!

Oggists are Life Experience types really, but not ones to lead. They're more 'experienced support staff' to give you a more modern reference.


All 3 types are capable of aggression, like any human, but some are more aggressive than others. There is a real psychology to this. And some are more passive than others. Just how it is really. However Terry Pratchett really did spot something, and it's very similar to what I spotted. Hence why his terms work so well. As well as adding to the fun. You're supposed to be able to enjoy your faith afterall.

If you look at life you'll find 'wise people' crop up in many a group. And they show up in many a style as well. Our crowd is no exception really. A witch is supposed to be a wise-person so...