Last Update: 30-05-10

The Chakra's.


Much as these are Indian there are 3 I recognise. Philosophical Energy Centre's in your body. Your Head, Heart, & Groin. I'm not sure what they mean in Indian Faith Medicine but even so. This is how it works for me.


The Head - Symbolic of your seat of Knowledge. Your ability to remember and learn. What makes you you with all those memories etc etc. It can be cold and clinical though. Knowledge is a tool. It needs guidance.

The Heart - 'Have a heart guv?' Your conscience. What guides you. If your heart is too angry you need to cool down, as it can stear you on a wrong course. If it's too naive you'll end up getting hurt. Knowledge helps here, as you end up older and wiser. But your warmth as a person is important really.

The Groin - Well, yeah. Like it or not we breed. Think with your willy and you'll end up making mistakes. Forget your willy and you'll miss out on an important part of life. Love, and how it links to breeding. Which is one of our major vital urges.


You need to keep all 3 in balance really. Too much Groin and you end up in trouble. Too much Heart and you end up exploited. Too much Knowledge and your social skills will suffer. But...

Too little Groin and you could end up grumpy and tetchy. Too little Heart and you could hurt an innocent for no reason. And too little Knowledge and you end up sweeping streets for a living. All 3 can be worked on. But it's obvious all 3 are required. And I would hope it also obvious what will go wrong if your balance drifts. Too little Heart, too much Groin, or too little Knowledge and...

Like a rape survivor and how his/ her Groin is damaged. It effects a lot. They may find it harder to love for a very long time due to 'trust issues'. So that's the Heart effected as well due to this new Knowledge of life. And it can take a long time to heal.

If someone has a broken heart it'll take time to heal as well. That one's quite normal, as relationships do fail. And if someone is injured in the head they may have memory problems for example. Or end up nervy or... Which is more normal than people would like to admit.

Yeah, things can really go wrong can't they. Hence why it's so important they be recognised. Some of these subjects can be pretty tough. Certainly one to watch. Or 3 to watch really.