Last Update: 15-09-13

The Rules. Well, there usually are some aren't they.


Much like the 10 Commandments, and the 7 Pillars of Islam, we have rules. I'm gonna talk about Teh Old Ways first, and how they changed into The New Ways next. Please also be aware this is my wording, and others may describe it differently. It usually boils down to the same thing though.


The Old Ways:

Live with the Land. Green ways, recycling, efficiency.

Animal Husbandry and Mid-Wifery.

The Healthy Happy Home.

Inter-tribal Warfare, and Human Sacrifice.


It's the last one that was the real problem, as this is what nearly destroyed us. The focus back then was very much on Individual Heroes to inspire, rather than team work to stop The Romans. It was all about 'your son', or 'your daughter', and the infighting required for these mighty types to arise and be spoken of in Legend. If there was no fighting and stealing and conquering how could they fight, steal, and conquer to become legends?

This is also the racism. The French mugged the Germans and vice-versa, and The Britons had rumbles with the Scots, and... Lots of local heroes were created sure, but it was also a very weak set-up. They could not unite, as they were too busy infighting. Quite the failure. Now add to that how they had more enemies, due to this lack of tolerance and diplomacy, and it was obvious that it was only a matter of time before they got more desperate in their little groups to survive etc etc.

Too much infighting, and what would be described in modern terms as racism. A nation divided, and as such weaker. I call this the Neolithic style of Paganism, as it was the beliefs that had run since, well, Neolithic times. Gods, animals, tools, health, and mugging the neighbours. And as this divided deeply-flawed system failed they got more and more desperate. A madness set in. Blood magics...

They sacrificed their own people to the gods. And in times of trouble sacrificed more. Including smart ones they could have used. And surprise surprise the gods did not respond.

The Romans did though. And they ( the old British Pagans ) were flattened. So what survived? What worked?


The New Ways:

Live with the Land. Green ways, recycling, efficiency.

Animal Husbandry and Mid-Wifery.

The Healthy Happy Home.


Simple enough? When you lose number 4 from the old ways and Live With The Land more you live with it's inhabitants more. All of them. No intolerance, pettiness, and racism. It's almost Arthurian isn't it? Remind you of how St George is supposed to be tough, but also wise and chivalrous? Able to make trade deals, yet still defend his lands? The best defence always involves teamwork.


What the rules are, and how they work.

Live with the land:

Any Farmer knows that it all comes from the dirt. And the dirt has to be well rested or it gets too tired. Including the old tradition of 'Burning the Fields', which activates seeds as well as doing your weeding for you. Not that common these days that one, but it did work well for years. Animals need pasture or they starve. And you need animals and crops or you starve. Wheat and Corn have been grown for 3000-odd years? It's something like that.

This also includes the effective management of Sea Resources so that our fish stocks do not end up so low they die off. No more Cod and Chips? Noooo!!! Precisely. It's a very big deal, and something that keeps us alive in so many ways. You can't rule the land, and too many chemicals will ruin it. You have to work and live with it.

What you have to recognise is that there is only so much to go around, and if you take it all there will be nothing left. Hence recycling and that. Waste not, want not. An old phrase, but a good one. And why waste materials when they can be used in clothing, construction, all sorts? If you're short of cash you can't just throw money at it. Everything counts, and you will need those skills. Tribal ways, as you can't out-source.

The land also includes people. Obviously. Your local butcher, fishmonger, the school, and getting a job. So you have to be tolerant to get on with these people to survive. I'm not saying 'just give them stuff', as you are allowed to defend yourself. But you need to be able to interact, without being stitched up or exploited. It's a fine balance, but if you trust too much you're stuffed.

And if you do not trust enough you're also stuffed. Welcome to the normal risks of life. We must trade to survive, but we have to be careful as well.


Animal Husbandry and Mid-Wifery:

There are 2 main factors here. Your livestock for the farm ( vital to your survival ), and how that has to be top notch. And also your ability to produce ze nippers. As well as keep them healthy and well. Medical and Agricultural Science in modern language, but really very important to the survival of a society.

The old Cow Breeds are nearly 2500 years old now. Some older now I think about it. So they worked back then, and still do now. An old way, that clearly worked so well it was kept. There was no need to upgrade. Modern Shire-horses are actually old Knightly Heavy Warhorses. The Normans had ponies really ( light warhorses ), but as armour increased in amount and weight bigger horses were required. And then they put armour on the horses as well and bigger horses were required. And... And they stayed on after the Medieval Period pulling carts and even river-boats up the canals. An old breed that worked well.

Same as how having healthy nippers was also kept on... See what I did there? It is about healthy off-spring, and many rules are transferable. Good food to help them grow, exercise, regular trips to the vets, and a decent place to store them so they could rest properly. Surprise surprise that science also proved to be effective. Healthy kids lead to... The Cycle of Life and Death and Renewal basically. The one we all know, and the one that has to be played well or we're in trouble.


The Healthy Happy Home:

Well, yeah. Where ya gonna put your nippers when they're born? Where ya gonna rest after a hard day? Where ya gonna start a family in the first place? And where ya gonna study if you're like me? A Healthy Happy Home.

You can Feng Shui it all you want, if your home is dark and dirty things will go wrong. It effects your mood, and eventually your health will suffer. A shortage of daylight can actually make you go nuts if it runs long enough. So being locked away in the dark can really pull you under. Real plants and good lighting really help here. As do real woods; daylight bulbs; and, quite frankly, life. Pets & plants are great.

Don't forget the Kitchen either. Good grub is good grub, and it does work well. Vital to a decent healthy lifestyle. Recipe's from all over the place can add variety, as well as allowing you to learn more about those around you. So much is tied to the hearth ( or firepit ). Which, in this day and age is simply the kitchen. My Cooking Site is here. Another ongoing project of mine. And it includes a lot of World Food as I explore, as well as a British Section. I'm just a home cook, not a full-on chef. But it is fun, and I do know a lot.


Hopefully this shows that as time moved on we adapted and learned our lessons, but at the same time kept the old good stuff alive. Many of us would have ended up eventually as Church of England where religion was considered a way to control the masses for years so was compulsory. It would have been: Pagan > Romano-Pagan > early Catholic ( Holy Roman Empire ) > established Catholic ( The Normans ) > C of E ( Henry VIII ) > Modern Resurgence when it was safe to come out again. We hid because we had to ( religion was compulsory after all ), but a lot survived our 'underground period' thankfully.

Even in the C of E the above 3 rules are true. Our being an 'underground faith' did work. In some parish churches, even now, you'll find the face of The Green Man staring out at you from some carved wood or what-not. Much as people learned their lessons regarding the failure of Blood magics, and even changed Faith, they never forgot their link with Nature.

Worshipping gods is not compulsory though. Some choose to, and some prefer a more Philosophical view. Gods are images to inspire, and to guide. But what if a legend does the job better? Buddha was a real person ( Siddhartha Gautama ). Would that not make him a legendary figure? Indeedy. Inspired? I think it's safe to say quite a few were. Yeah, as you do. Faith can be wierd like that.