Indeed. That would be a matter of Faith. What do you believe in?

And how important is it?


That's the point on this site really. To discuses matters spiritual. In my case I am a Philosophical Pagan. I do not do gods. I find they're too far away, too complicated, and too distracting. So I focus on the here and now. Other pagans do gods. Paganism is a mixed bag, with many schools of thought.

I am also of the Jung club ( a psychiatrist ). Basically part of who you are is your identity. Your own personal psychological make-up, including how you fit in with things. Much as this is not as advanced as, say, Engineering or Bio-Chemisty it is a real science. Your identity is who you are, and a very precious thing. And being in touch with it can save your life.

As can good diet ( another science ), a healthy happy home, and also gardening and daylight studies... I assure you I am not joking. An Englishman, his castle, and his shrubbery. It's worked reliably for years.


You will be judged, so you might as well get on with it. Even if it is just by your neighbours you will be judged. It's a Karmic Principle really, but inherent in all Religions. Be it God on high, or Allah, or Jahweh, or Yog Sothoth, or Krishna, your actions will be judged.

And your neighbours will judge you as well. As will the courts if you break the law. So based on this we look at what Faith is. Why are you so confident in your actions? I'm not saying your actions are bad ( I'm all the way over here and I don't know everything ), I'm just curious as to why really. What motivates you? Faith?


This site is really about Philosophical Paganism, but it does use language that includes Christian Language to explain the concepts. So that The Stigma of Paganism can be ended. In this Green and Pleasant Land of Ours.

Seeing as this is my site it may well come across as a bit me. But then in my teeny tiny corner of teh hintarwebz I am allowed my view. Especially when the server is in my loft and built by me ( dammit! ). My patch, my say.

And Faith is obviously a very personal subject. Everyone has their own beliefs. The more we talk the more we understand. And the more we understand the less we lynchmob.


Me? I am a White Witch. A goodie-two-shoes who uses Paganism to fix up a lot of stuff in the Croydon area. I'm no Gandalf though. I may well let you pass if you're a nice person ;)

Being a White Witch is a highly responsible job. But... It is just a religious term. In the real world it means nothing. A priest isn't a doctor unless they've sat those exams and passed. Being a priest, on it's own, is not enough...

The same rule applies to me. I am NHS approved for Mental Health well-being, nutrition, Mental Health symptom recognition & management, and also advocacy. I have real-world medical credentials, and am regularly scrutinised by some very big people to make sure I remain accurate. I take this role seriously. I'm not gonna start claiming I can throw fireballs or cast love spells any time soon I assure you.

I am not cleared for Pharmacy ( herbalism ), so will always refer you to a proper Pharmacist. I cannot diagnose as much as say 'it's kinda like'. So will always refer you to a GP.

I'm not a Coven type. I'm a solitary. I prefer the privacy so I can study.


I like cats & tea. Preferably in large quantities.